Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy to have climbing back.

So, obviously, from my recent blog posts, I've been climbing a bunch recently. It's nice to be in shape again and to have it back in my life. Once I moved to Salt Lake climbing dropped off dramatically, and now coming back to it, I realize how incredibly powerful it is in my life. I've been hanging out with Ed a bunch which has been really nice, and having mini epics with his dog Aja. Ed was just down here for a few days and we checked out some pretty cool spots. It rained two of the three days he was down here. We started at Moe's valley. I did some exploring earlier this week in search of some unclimbed stuff. I found a couple lines that I wanted to do. We got on one of them... finding that the sit start was totally impossible, and not all that great anyways, we did the stand, and established a fun little problem, nothing great, but fun. The other line I found is pretty highball. Gonna have to rappell into it and clean up anything lose on it before getting on it.
We got on Gription, which Ed is as close as it gets on that thing. What an incredible problem, one of the best I've ever been on. It got dark, and we still felt like climbing so we went down to Wal-Mart got a lantern, hit our ritualistic dinner at five guys and went back out to climb. Started to rain pretty hard, so found some caves and tried to climb. Freakin mud, EVERYWHERE!! Ed's poor car.... sorry man.
We went to a newly developed cave outside of Hurricane and climbed on a rope the next day. It was fun. The next day was freaking great. We went to the aptly named Cathedral. The Cathedral is a beautiful limestone cave, with 3 gothic styled somethings... little cave things.... I don't really know what to call them. The lines in there are obvious, and impressive. We got on rope, got pumped, screamed at eachother, due to the fact no one was around and we were in the middle of nowhere. The cathedral... it's so cool man..... it's sooo cool.
The desert was beautiful on our drive out from the crag. This is what I really wanted to experience by living in Utah.

This is Ed carrying Aja across a death slab. I can't believe tenor freaking pulled this one off. Wish I would have seen him do it, but I was around the corner.
The Cathedral.

Moe's valley.
Bouler with potential for new development.
That freakin highball.. Pretty psyched on it.

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