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Still here....

Thanks for the harassment by all once again. It finally pays off, yes it may be a month later, but it is paying off. Well, there has been a lot going on out here within the past couple months. I've been getting in the gym pretty consistently again, and I'm getting really amped about the upcoming climbing season..... I hope this a good sending year. I've been working up at snowbird, which is a big mountain here in the land of the Utes. I decided to get a job up there so I could get a free seasons pass. Unfortunately it's been a bit of a slow start to the season, and snow conditions haven't been supreme. Also, I just haven't been diggin on the work itself, feels pretty empty. OK... now, onto the next piece of bad news..... sorry, the blog hasn't been super upbeat so far, life has gotten pretty heavy the passed couple of months. Well.. camille and I broke up. And it's been really, really hard. I mean, the amount of pain that is involved in tragically beautiful. It's incredble the potential that we have to care for other people. I've learned alot through the process, which I know is going to go on for a little while. She is still an incredible person to me and I'm totally grateful for what we got to experience together. So..... Onto more upbeat news... So, as life somewhat falls apart around me, I realize it is time for change. Tyler, who is camille's older brother whom I am good pals with, recently moved out here also. Tyler is a little tired of the area too, so we are moving up to bear lake in Idaho. Ya, pretty psyched... time to get back to the country for a little bit. We'll continue to come down to SLC a good bit to ski and climb and work. I'm excited for tenor to be on some land again... with his good buddy sir handsome pedee (tylers' dog). I'll be rock chippin with tyler, and helping to get brad, another Erickson's house into shape. So those are the plans for now. This wasn't the most fun blog update in the world, but I want to keep all you kind folks up on whats in the happs out here... hope you are all doing great and have a rediculously good start to 2010.