Friday, October 16, 2009

I love it here

Hey everyone,

Well,... my ability to resist harassment from so many people on such a continuous basis to update this blog even surprises myself. Sorry ya'll. Life here in Utah is great. I'm living in a house owned by a fellow climber and ski patroller up at Snowbird, in a small basement bedroom. It's a pretty sweet deal though. I have tenor here, a big fenced in back yard, and I'm about a 5 minute drive to the mouth of little cottonwood canyon, home to world class climbing ( trad and bouldering ) and world class skiing. The only bummer about it is that dogs aren't allowed in the canyon, a fact learned only after moving out here. I have been spending my climbing time there. The rock quality is about as good as it gets. For trad climbing there are beautiful splitters all over the place, the granite is bullet hard, perfect features. In a lot of places there are these black knobs that have formed that are really cool. Along with the route climbing, little cottonwood canyon is quite famous for its high quality slab climbing. WOOOO!!! New adventure for sure! Climbing on holds far less than what I would call edges, or even holds, their just small little finger smears, and you run it out all over the place 20 feet above your gear, etc.. definitely a new and fun adventure. Gotta say though... I miss rumney alot. SO MUCH!! I wonder if I will ever find climbing that great, with people that great. Anyways, I'll stop talking about climbing... actually, no,... i have a little more.. the bouldering!! That's been the big thing for climbing for me out here. The boulders in little cottonwood are stunning. The climbing is interesting, totally beta-intensive climbing... by the way, to all of the non-climber readers out there, I apologize that you are not following a word that I have written so far. I will soon step outside of the luscious world of climbing that I love so much and talk about the other things. But for those who do climb... SNAP!! It's great.. So today I got on possibly the best boulder problem I have ever been on. It's called big baby Jesus. It 's a pretty monster highball v6 with the crux being the second to last move. The landing doesn't seem all that ideal, there are two big boulders that you scum down during the fall, they actually kind of help though cause they slow the fall. I think the boulder is about 30 feet tall. It's great movement on edges up a perfect face, with the crux being a very balancy move with your left hand to a crimp. I fell doing that move at least 5 times, every time being pretty vocal about it by screaming till i bounced off the boulders behind me and finally hitting the crash pads on the ground. Then I would follow up with some yipees!! and woohoos!! Man, what a great time!! I didn't send it, I need to do it this season for sure. So onto other things.... this is a long, and somewhat boring post... I may not get so much harassment this next time round... As many of you may know I've been dating an amazing woman out here. Her name is Camille, I met her because I am friends with a couple of her older brothers. She's such a beautiful person in so many ways, and I am completely inspired by her. So a very large portion of my time has been spent with her out here and I've loved every moment of it and look forward to more everyday. I am currently working two jobs. I am the mailman at one of the hospitals here in Salt Lake. It's a temporary position... I am just filling in for Klauss, the German. I am also working at snowbird, one of the greatest place to ski in the country, and has the best snow in the world, they get over 500 inches a year. I am working at their hotel up there at the front desk. The big reason for getting that job was getting some health insurance and a free pass which would have cost over a thousand bucks. I should get a bed, or a chair in my room, I'm sitting on the floor and my butt is falling asleep. I'm also eating grapes that Camille bought and left in my fridge, they're a little rubbery, but they still taste ok. I'm sure there is so much to write... but I'm tired so I'm going to bed... Here are some pictures of Bre and Camille, cause they are both mega beautiful.